I wrote about this before and I am sure it is somewhat cyclical: I am going on a detox. Maybe even for good this time. My social media accounts of course are still were I abandoned them and I encourage nobody this time to follow me here.

If you are reading this and count yourself a friend: nice to see you 🙂

If you are a casual browser who stumbled upon this post by accident: also welcome and thanks for stopping by.

I just had a tough week that taxed my mind to a level it had not been for a while and I decided it was time to switch off.

Even if you not had a stressful week, fidgeting with our smartphones and just checking one last time if friends or followers liked your latest post can become too much.

Often we don’t even notice it until burn-out like symptoms appear and it can be darn difficult to deal with them. Anxiety, depression, malnutrition, Brexit… bad things can happen when we spend more time online than focus on the Real World.

So, here are some simple steps you too can follow and start your digital detox:

  1. Delete all social media apps from your device (and instantly increase your phone’s battery life!)
  2. Delete all news sites from your device (you know, those powered by marketing algorithms, not your newsfeed reader)
  3. Remove all messenger apps (it’s better to talk instead or perhaps meet IRL)

And yes, I do get the irony what with me being all digital and tech focussed. Actually, I think of these things as tools and when a tool becomes an obsession, surely it’s time to put it down and refocus?

Happier days for sure ? Let me know how your journey is going.

Photo by yours truly, showing my kids playing in the woods.