is probably the centre-ground of the online gig economy, like Uber IRL, it provides a market place and platform for budding freelancers. Services you can get for more or less than $5 are ranging from advertising on body parts to Zumba workouts and everything in between. So why would somebody with a full-time job post a gig on

Because I fancied trying it out. There are many things people – friends or clients – ask me for and this platform should make it easy to tap into a potentially much larger audience. My skillset is pretty broad yet deep when it comes to digital things, so why not monetise it a bit more?

So here it goes, my first foray into the gig economy: I will create a Hugo website on Netlify for you

Hugo is a wonderful tool to produce statically generated websites and host them free on Netlify. Just edit them using a text editor and store stuff in a BitBucket or on github. As easy as it is to grab a free theme and tempting for freelancers or cost conscious entrepreneurs, it’s not that easy to marry up the various parts to get going.

That’s where I can easily add value by taking the hassle away and getting it all ready at a super low cost.

I’m also thinking of adding upgrade options to get training and extra gigs for customizing themes in the near future.

What’s your experience with the gig economy or specifically?

Have you ever set up Hugo or played with static website generators? I’d love to hear from you.

Disclosure: If you follow the links and sign-up, I’ll get $5 (whoo!). I am not affiliated with Hugo nor Netlify.