Another week, another list of interesting stuff for you. What have you found this week that made you stop and think, laugh out loud or encouraged you to be braver?

Loyalty cards gone digital! More coffee, less wallet fluff ?☕️

Convenience, Loyalty Cards

How Estonia runs its country like a digital business (??)

Blockchain, Digital, Politics

Paris Is Building the World’s Largest Organic Rooftop Farm

Sustainability, Farming

$300 billion could buy us enough time to solve human made climate change.

UN scientists propose a low cost option to get our environment back on track

Climate Change

This Startup Is 3D-Printing Affordable Homes Made Entirely of Clay

Architecture, Sustainability, Design

Farmers could help solve the climate crisis—we just don’t invest in them

Sustainability, Farming, Nutrition

And finally…

A feel good story and positive example of what to do when you mess up

Image credit

Photo by Jude Beck via unsplash. “Paint on a building wall“, because I find the pattern and colour pleasing ?