Yes, this is a post about a bag. Be braver and keep reading. It’ll be fun and informative – promise!

This is my bag. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

My bag is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my bag is useless. Without my bag, I am useless. I must carry my bag true. I must pack it smarter so airport staff will let me board.

I must carry it everywhere…

Or something along those lines. Much like my mobile phone, my bag is very important to me. It carries my laptop, sometimes clothing, and all the ancillary items my life demands.

I bought my previous backpack probably 12 years ago (come to think of it, I think my mum gave it to me as a gift). It feels odd not picking it up and knowing it is in a better place at the recycling plant now ? I am quite sad to see it go…

It was very expandable and never complained about me trying to stuff yet another thing into it for longer journeys.

Sadly, the wear became too much for it after a decade of (ab)use and a tear developed that was not fixable.

With a heavy heart and after much deliberation and research, I decided on a new bag. While Amazon is an excellent tool to find suitable items nothing can replace a direct, physical inspection. Especially for something I am planning to spend a very long time with.

At the airport, I found a bag that looked perfect and it had rave reviews to boot. Sadly it was not to be and it struggled to cope with the load-out. So at the last minute, I decided to go with another bag – one I hadn’t researched.

Would I have enough time to try it? Will I regret acting spontaneously and going with my gut feel?

The Samsonite Bleisure 15.6 laptop overnight backpack in timeless anthracite turns out to be a good choice. While not waterproof like the Samsonite Paradiver I originally fancied, it has a lot more storage compartments to organise stuff into, is expandable and comfortably fits under the seat in front of you in a commuter flight – even with three days worth of clothing!

What’s not to like then?

Well, it’s a lot stiffer and while the shoulder straps and back are comfortably padded, it still feels different to the rather loose fit of the Victroninox that came before it.

It is covered by a two-year warranty and looks and feels like it won’t need it. So despite packing the heck out of it, it has not complained so far and has some nifty features too.

I am happy to recommend it and look forward to more travelling with it next week. Romania here I come!

What’s your chosen bag? Why did you select it from what appears to be a staggering amount of choice?