Meet Axel, the ‘turbulent advocate’ according to 16 Personalities! Does this test do me justice? How accurate are these things anyway?

In an effort to find out more about myself I have followed a friends’ advice and taken one of the many personality tests online. I don’t know about you but I always struggle to find a way to complete these things properly. I have to force myself to go with the first answer my gut comes up with as to not overly dissect each question and compute meaning and context as to influence the algorithm that will calculate my personality.

It’s something I do as a matter of life: analyse and compute all the inputs in the vain hope to one day understand the world I am living in better.

A personality teat goes some way to help me understand myself and my mind. As if a classification and label can shed more light into something unique and complex, something that’s constantly evolving and changing.

Personality Traits

Let’s look at my personality traits and see how accurate they are:

Mind: Introverted

I agree with that although it is still perceived as a negative in my view and I am a little annoyed to be in this category when I want to be sociable and the life of the party.

Well, a long time ago I sure was and if my friends invited me to more social events I may even be again. I shouldn’t blame them though, we all have busy lives and I’m no longer 20 you know 😉

Energy: Intuitive

I actually see myself more as somebody who observes a situation, computes the inputs and takes action. However, I do this quite quickly and go with what I feel is right. So maybe this test got it right?

I would certainly describe myself as open minded, imaginative and naturally curious.

Nature: Feeling

What? I can’t believe it isn’t showing 100% thinking as I am thinking so much ?

Maybe my perception is wrong as I do agree with the focus on harmony, cooperation and feeling with people (even though I don’t often understand what’s making them feel a certain way).

Tactics: Judging

I had to read this a few times to understand it as I certainly never aim to judge people. I do analyse and judge a situation when I take decisive action ?

I absolutely value clear structure and planned situations. However, as long as it is a safe environment – for example
with friends I know and trust – I am very happy to be spontaneous and just go for it. I wouldn’t want to just go out on my own without a plan though.

Identity: Turbulent

It makes me sound like a mad person! I am sensitive to stress and other peoples emotions certainly impact on me. However, I think that’s because I feel with them and like to help. I naturally tend to analyse and come up with solutions, which sometimes is not the right thing to do. I understand that and happily just be a pair of open ears and arms.



Right now, my life certainly is very turbulent and I am working on myself to find ways to dealing with it better.

I am indebted to my friends for being those open ears and arms I need.

A lesson I am learning is that no matter how much I like to change some traits, my brain only let’s me go so far. I need to learn to accept my limits and not get hung up on the detail. Life isn’t fair and it’s a messy soup of everything all the time for most people anyway.

I need to learn that while I can do anything I put my mind to it, I sometimes can’t do that. (Point out vague Meatballs song reference…)


Are you a friend or acquaintance? Let me know whether you agree with the above or not.

What traits do you have? Do you feel personality tests can reflect accurately who you are?